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Turkish Pendant Lighting

Turkish Pendant lighting, sometimes referred to as drop or suspender lights are a lone lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling and are usually suspended by a cord, chain or in some cases the use of a metal rod is employed.

Although they are used as solitary fixture, in many cases people often use multiples of the same fixtures to ensure that the room is fully lit.

Turkish pendant lighting can be used in lots of places around the home, using different colours and styles to create a different atmosphere in each room.

The reason that they are referred to as pendant lights is due to the fact that they hang down similar to a pendant on a necklace.When singular pendant lights are used they often hang from a high porch above a door or over a table, however, when people utilize multiple pendants they often group them in a straight line so that they are neat and aesthetically pleasing.

From a visual perspective, Turkish pendant lights come in a wide range of different sizes, both in terms of scale and in wattage. In addition to these physical aspects, pendants lights come in a wide variety of different styles, designs and an array of different colours, allowing you to find something which is suited towards your own personal preference but also compatible with your available budget.

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