Integrating Turkish Mosaic Lamps into your home



We cannot deny that Turkish mosaic lamps exist in a class of its own. These lamps have been traced as far back as two millennials ago in Asian Minor. They are a beauty to behold and not as expensive as people think it is. Mosaic lamps have fundamental qualities and unequaled ability to create an uplifting atmosphere that just puts you in a better mood instantly. Still, homeowners usually don’t know how to go about integrating it with their home décor to produce the desired results. In this post, we’ll discuss some pertinent things we must pay attention to when selecting and placing your mosaic lamp.

Turkish Lighting Style:

 It is important we have an idea as to what type of lamp will best suit a room as it isn't every lamp style that will be appropriate for every room. You must also identify what will work best in a given environment. Consider placing your mosaic table lamp close to your bed or your favourite reading position. For your kitchen, try placing a small pendant lamp just over the sink. Enhance the looks of your dining room by hanging a magnificent mosaic chandelier above the center of the table or hang a lamp in the foyer to welcome guests.

Turkish Lamps Colours:

 Mosaic lamps are usually very colourful and so you must factor in the colour of a room and its surroundings when buying mosaic lamps. It is advisable you take pictures of the room you want to decorate when going shopping to ensure that the lamp you want to buy matches the colour of the room.

Turkish Lamps Lighting Patterns: 

One outstanding quality of Turkish Mosaic lamps is that they have very rich expressive patterns.  You must carefully consider the patterns in your room, be it upholstery, wallpapers, throw rugs, etc before choosing which mosaic lamp best suits your needs.

Turkish Style Lighting: 

Turkish mosaic lamps are not usually very bright and it is intentional. Their purposes are more of creating an ambiance as well as complimenting the entire décor of a room. Remember that mosaic lamps are artifacts and not designed for working. They are there to be admired and appreciated for its ageless beauty.

Turkish Lamps Size:

 Also, important, is the size of the space you wish to illuminate as this will influence the size of the mosaic lamp you want to fix. Imagine putting up a gigantic lamp in a small space and vice versa; it can be overwhelming. You must strike a balance between the two.

Today, Mosaic lamps are one of the most versatile components of interior decoration. They enhance the beauty and authenticity of any room and they are sure to retain their value and ability to impress for many years to come. If you’re in need of a finishing touch for your décor, Turkish mosaic lamp is the smart way to go and we stock the best kinds.