Turkish Lamps

Turkish Lamps, Turkish Style Lighting

Most of us start decorating our home with a colour choice to make. Me personally I like bland colours for the walls, so pretty much every room in my home is Magnolia apart from the children's rooms. I like bland walls so that I can throw in big swatches of colour. Tester pot swatches are the right of passage most paint colours face as we try out our perfect paint colours in patches before committing to what will become a long term relationship. It’s such a faff and upheaval decorating, we all dither with that first tentative step, the paint choice. 

Turkish Lamps

There are so many trends around at the moment, so many ways to bring colour and texture into your home, it can be confusing to know where to start. I know I’m drawn to all kinds of looks and find it hard to settle on just one when I’m choosing for my own home. Maybe that’s because of all the wonderful designs, pattern and print I see on a daily basis, but if you love home interiors in the same way you might have the same problem.

Turkish Lighting

So how do we choose a Turkish Lamp to go with our decor? Well its difficult really as there is a huge array of colour's  with Turkish Lamps you may want to buy one that is a country mile away from your current colour scheme. That's ok, as Turkish lamps are mood lighting lamps, they set a scene of relaxation throughout the year and actually they all look pretty bland during daylight hours.

Turkish Mosaic Lighting

We have a huge range of beautiful lamps Turkish Lamps, and you are guaranteed to find one not only you love but also complements your decor, with pieces suitable for any room in your home.