Set of 15 Large Crackle Glass Globe Chandelier Ceiling Fixture


A wonderful large Modern Crackle Glass Chandelier

Stunning Handmade Large Ottoman Chandelier Fixture 15 Globes

This beautiful large chandelier lighting fixture is unbelievably the best equivalent to any normal hanging lampshade. Everyone will be asking where you had your Chandelier Lighting from. This is the perfect stairway Lighting to really give your home the wow factor.

The measurements of this Ottoman lamp are as follows

  • Dimensions:
  • Globe Sizes: 6.69 inches or 17CM
  • Metal Rim Diameter: 25'(64cm), Diameter of Chandelier: 31'(80cm)
  • Length from ceiling to  bottom of the globe 43'(110cm)
  • it does not come with the bulbs.
  • it requires E12 bulb for USA and Canada, E14 bulb for rest of the world., led bulb is recomended. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • It is hardwired. 

The beauty of this lamp is clearly reflected in these pictures.



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