Large Glass Modern Chandelier


Ottoman Chandelier Hanging Lamp

A truly unique and mesmerizing addition to any home.

Large Glass Modern Turkish Chandelier Lamp, undoubtedly set a bench mark in luxury home lighting.

No other fitting quite makes the stunning impact that one of these spectacular items can have on a room.

Turkish Ottoman Lamp

With a very affordable big range here at Lamptastic including traditional chandeliers and modern chandeliers you will be surprised how far your money can go into making one of these exquisite light fittings a part of your décor.

Ottoman Lighting

Make a grand style statement in any room with this chandelier, showcasing a classic design with glamorous detailing.

The Turkish Mosaic globes provide immense lighting to every nook and corner of your living room, bedroom, dining room or wherever you chose to hang this.

Gorgeously attractive, this chandelier is sure to grab attention from every angle.

Turkish Lamps

This Turkish hanging light chandelier pendant will be the focal and talking point of any home.

The measurements of this lamp are as follows;

  • Height : 135cm 
  • Width:    55 cm

The beauty of this lamp is clearly reflected in these pictures.

E27 bulb socket UK - EU
E27 bulb socket US – CAN

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