Handmade Turkish Breakfast Set, Decorative Bowl Set, Blue Ceramic Set, Tapas Serving Set, Mezze Set, Turkish Ceramic Food Serving Set

◆ Ceramic Plate Diameter : 31 Cm ( 12' ) LARGE SIZE

◆ Largest bowl width: 12 Cm (4.7 ' )

◆ Small bowl width: 8 Cm (3' )

◆ The set consists of a total of 8 pieces.

◆ Coated with Lead Free Glaze (Safe Food) and baked at 1040 ° C.

◆ The ceramic breakfast set was made hand painted pixel by pixel with special paints. Vivid colors were used on the breakfast set and there would be no fading of color. During the painting process, a special technique, the Relief Technique, was used. When you touch the plate, you feel the patterns in your hand.

◆ Hand wash only. Please don't put it in the microwave. The microwave will damage the texture on the bowl.

◆ Our products are completely handmade.


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